This could be you (if you're lucky)!

This could be you (if you’re lucky)!

Ever had the urge to mercilessly roast the Columbia community? Have big dreams of one day achieving a level of self-deprecating humor comparable to ours at Bwog? Did you read Aziz Ansari’s new book and think “psh. I can write better jokes than this clown” (keep dreaming, kiddo)? Swing by the 122nd Annual Varsity Show Creative Team interviews, held in Hamilton Hall September 28 to 30 from 8 to 11 pm each night.

The Varsity Show is a student-created musical that satirizes aspects of life at Columbia (in one year’s show, a Barnard student named Millie agonizes over crossing 110th street and breaking out of the Columbia bubble), and the team is looking for a director, choreographer, producers, and a host of other roles you can play if you’d prefer not to step into the limelight as an actor just yet.

Positions available include:

  • Director: In control of the overall creative vision of the show
  • Producer(s): Oversees the entire production, acts as liaisons to the University and the rest of the Varsity Show team, creates budget and handles all logistics and planning
  • Writer(s): Responsible for all the written scenes in the musical
  • Composer: Responsible for writing the music for the show, orchestrating the work for the pit musicians and possibly teaching the music and conducting the orchestra for the show.
  • Lyricist: Writes the words that accompany the music
  • Choreographer: Responsible for the direction of all the movement set to music
  • Art Director: Maintains the artistic vision of the show, leads the building of the set and acts as the head of the design team

If you like to make fun of everyone around you, you are probably a jerk. But, if you like to make fun of everyone around you and yourself, you are probably a good candidate for the V122 Creative Team (and ready to be compared to Aziz Ansari)!

Contact, check out the Varsity Show website, or this Facebook event for more information and make Aziz (and Momma Bwog) proud!

Director with amazing facial hair via Shutterstock