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After last week’s Bwog meeting, a few CC staffers offered to swipe me in to JJ’s Place because, as a Barnard first-year, I’d never experienced what seems to be an essential facet of Columbia life: the late-night fried food bonanza beneath John Jay. Our group of four (two CC, two BC) climbed down the stairs […]

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Yesterday, Chef Robert Irvine made his annual trek to Morningside Heights to consult with the dining staff on CU’s culinary options. Emma Seely-Katz, a long-time starry-eyed admirer of the chef’s, got to both talk to him and take selfies with him in John Jay. The encounter has left her possibly even more enamored than before. […]

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Do you like needles? How about not catching the flu? If one (or both) sound appealing to you, swing by the Broadway Room in Lerner any time from 12 to 4 pm TODAY for a flu shot. The best part? The stabbings are free of charge! Enjoy your new status as a flu-resistant superhero and […]

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We hope you’re all enjoying your semester so far–you’re more than halfway to winter break! Mixed in with the pride of accomplishing so much so far, is there a twinge of fear and sadness when you think about the impending winter months? If not, here’s a reason: in order to preserve the lawns during the […]

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Though the infamous “Midterm Day” came and went as quickly as that brief wave of good weather last week, many students in Morningside Heights still have tests to take, essays to write, and group projects (oh, the horror!) to complete. We all know that it’s pointless to sit down and study for an extended period […]

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That moment when you find out your parents unwittingly paid for a year’s worth of Starbucks (also known as: that moment when you discover you can use your meal points in Liz’s place) is truly unforgettable. In fact, a lot of things that go on in Barnard’s Diana Center are pretty unforgettable – these songs are sure […]

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Ever had the urge to mercilessly roast the Columbia community? Have big dreams of one day achieving a level of self-deprecating humor comparable to ours at Bwog? Did you read Aziz Ansari’s new book and think “psh. I can write better jokes than this clown” (keep dreaming, kiddo)? Swing by the 122nd Annual Varsity Show […]

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