Goals, though.

Goals, though.

We know it’s cheesy to talk about the weather, but we’re going to do it anyway. If you’ve ventured outside in the past couple days, you may have noticed a new chill in the air. With the onset of autumn (the equinox was on Wednesday, y’all!!!), Bwog decided to get the scoop on the upcoming styles on campus.


  • “I have a pair of Clark boots I really like.”
  • “I usually just wear my rain boots … and like, maybe flannels.”
  • “A trench coat and khakis.”
  • “Leggings and a sweatshirt, it’s the way to go.”

Front desk access attendant:

  • “A nice vest.”

First floor:

  • “Lots of earthy tones.”
  • “Maroon is really in right now.”
  • “Shirts with programming jokes on them.”
  • “Structured sweater jackets.”
  • “Umbrellas, rain boots, wellies.”

Second floor:

  • “Same thing I’ve worn my entire life. Whatever’s clean. Shirts from when I was 14.”
  • “A sweater dress and boots.”
  • “What’s my fall look? Ummm, pretentious bitch.”

Second floor reading room:

  • “Warm… and flannel, and corduroy.”
  • “Jeans and some iconic long sleeved tees.”
  • “Bean boots.”
  • “Ivy League Hoe.”
  • “My fall style is crying during midterms week.”

Third floor:

  • “Layers, layers, layers!”
  • “Bernie Sanders swag.”
  • “Jeans, a CORE sweatshirt, and shoes that can take me from Butler back to my room at 1 am.
  • “No underwear.”

Sixth floor:

  • “Velvet.”
  • “Some cute booties.”
  • “A bad attempt at enjoying the last bit of summer weather: shorts and a Patagonia.”
  • “Lots of tech t-shirts, with my Lululemon leggings.”
  • “Leaves.”

Lookin’ good via Shutterstock