Where though?

Where is it, though?

Now that school has begun and Butler has resumed its identity as a safe haven for stressed out students, Bwog decided now is the perfect time to interrupt those studies on a Sunday night, in order to bring you the latest in text messaging news on campus. We snuck into Butler to investigate. What we received were a wide variety of responses, from a wide variety of people, from food thieves to fuckbois. 

2nd floor

  • “I’ve failed you. But in a lot of ways, I also failed myself. Are you both going to ADP tonight?”
  • “OMG hahahahaha. what a turd”
  • “Nah i have no time… i’ll probs just bring Tupperware to john jay tbh”
  • “hey my roommate is out. wanna sleep over?

3rd floor

  • “Happy national fuckboi day”
  • “K. Did you see my Hillel text?”
  • “Just #nerdy things”
  • “come tonight and cherish in pregame galore!”

4th floor

  • “and somehow we’re the real losers.”
  • “Wanna smoke now actually… Riverside?”
  • “which location of old spice!”
  • “Can you sign me in?”

9th floor

  • “Well… you know state schools.”
  • “Just bumped into my RA and had to physically stop myself from making a comment about the showers.”
  • “your eggs are ready”
  • “haha and then what?”

Reading rooms & lounges

  • “Will you invite Andrew? Watching him be mean will make me happy.”
  • “Does anyone have a lighter?”
  • “omg this guy behind me reeks of weed.”
  • “tfw Princeton considered”

Isaiah and Fabio via Shutterstock