Even the friendliest of fires belie dormant hostility.

Even the friendliest of fires belie dormant hostility.

Queen vs. Queen: Today, Queen Elizabeth II surpasses her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest reigning English monarch.   Congratulations you old bag! (Wall Street Journal)

Sister vs. Sister: Serena Williams totally unexpectedly beat her sister Venus Williams in the U.S. Open last night and now moves on to the semi-finals.

Christian vs. Christian: The Westboro Baptist Church, in a truly shocking turn of events, attacked anti-gay clerk Kim Davis via Twitter because she is having sex before marriage.  We’re just glad to have a new Twitter feud since Nicki-Taylor 2015 cooled off. (Independent Journal)

Husband vs. Father: A man in Detroit was stabbed by his own father-in-law after finding the latter naked in bed with his own wife.  (Yeah that sentence was syntactically ambiguous—get over it.) (CBS Local Detroit)

A friendly fire powwow via Shutterstock