Francis rolls through in the Popemobile

Francis rolls through in the Popemobile

Apple introduced a new iPhone, but it’s actually just an old iPhone that’s a tad more expensive. Because the iPhone 6s features “3D touch technology” and a “better front-facing camera,” you can now buy the antiquated iPhone 6 for just $99. (ABC)

In the same vein, Apple also recently released iOS 9, which involves new font, a weird way of viewing multiple apps, and Apple News. (Wired)

Yesterday Pope Francis visited various locales in New York including the United Nations, Central Park, and Madison Square Garden. From the throngs of people clamoring to hear him speak, you’d think it was a miracle. This is actually the fifth time a Pope has traveled to Gotham City. His entourage passed a MoHi church on its way from East Harlem to Central Park and the bells tolled. (The New York Times)

The government was heading towards another shut-down, but one of our nation’s self-sacrificing politicians saved the day. House Speaker John Boehner announced he will step down in October to “protect the institution.” (The New York Times)

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