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Bwoglines: We Didn’t Ask For This Edition


The apps have gone too far this time.

Skype has released its own emoji/GIF hybrid that seems akin to trying to make “fetch” happen. Be prepared for your parents’ questions about what that new button on The Skype does. (Tech Crunch)

Spotify wants to make Music Snobs even more unbearable by giving them the power to prove that they discovered a musician first. We suggest keeping your headphones firmly on your head to avoid encounters with said Snobs. (PC Mag)

According to Snapchat, three pictures are worth 99 cents. You can now pay $.99 to get three replays of your friends’ snaps of food, sunsets, and selfies with the bae. Feeling #blessed. (Business Insider)

Is the burden of too many friends weighing heavily upon you? Facebook might be able to help. In an effort to make people hate your guts, the social network announced that it will be adding read receipts to event invites. (The Daily Dot)

Rethinking your social media presence via Shutterstock

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