Voting happens here

Voting happens here!!!

Are you ready? Get your voting hat on (what? You don’t have a voting hat? Bwog’s is a snazzy bowler cap) because this year’s First Year Columbia student government candidate list has been released! Here are the lists of candidates for First Year CCSC and ESC Elections, in addition to the candidates for the CCSC Class of 2019 Class Representative and CCSC Inclusion and Equity Representative.

Official Candidate List for Fall 2015 Elections

Columbia Engineering

2019 Class Council
Class President
Sarah­Jane Lynn (As Easy as A­B­SEAS)
Daniel Solis (DRAW)
Alfredo Dominguez (Equality, Love, and Happiness Party (ELH))
Vanessa Chadehumbe (Thanks, Obama.)
Arjun Mangla (The Fu Fighters)

Class Vice President
Onur Calikusu (As Easy as A­B­SEAS)
Yoon Jung Jo (DRAW)
Andrew Sparkman (Equality, Love, and Happiness Party)
Nicholas Puljic (Thanks Obama)
Viraj Rai (The Fu Fighters)

Class Representatives
Jacqueline Napolitano (As Easy as A­B­SEAS)
Victoria Cardenas (As Easy as A­B­SEAS)
Anthony Gutierrez (DRAW)
Zhaoqi Li (DRAW)
Calvin Goah (N/A)
Aida Lu (N/A)
Temitope Akinade (Thanks Obama)
Grace Gana (Thanks Obama)
Rebecca Latto (The Fu Fighters)

Columbia College

2019 CCSC Class Council
Class President
Sahil Anand (Brown Party)
Cameron Davis (Cameron Squared)
Mina Mahmood (Fresh Start)
Daniel Howard (N/A)
Josh Schenk (Pantone 292)
Nikhil Thakkar (T.E.A. Party)
Yerv Melkonyan (The Surprise Party)
Spencer Papay (We Go Ham(ilton))

Class Vice President
Neil Menghani (Brown Party)
Cameron Phillips (Cameron Squared)
Ricardo Jaramillo (Fresh Start)
Sophie Broadbent (Pantone 292)
Gloria Tso (T.E.A. Party)
Justin Whitehouse (The Surprise Party)
Adam Buford (We Go Ham(ilton))

Class Representatives
Zain Kabeer (Brown Party)
Hu Fangda (Brown Party)
Justin Chang (Fresh Start)
William Reed Simmons (Fresh Start)
Rebecca Magid (Fresh Start)
Jeffrey Fabian (N/A)
Helena Youhana (N/A)
Nicholas Finch (N/A)
Gage Hodgen (N/A)
Brian Ng (N/A)
Dave Mendelson (Pantone 292)
Sam Safari (Pantone 292)
Alex Cedar (Pantone 292)
Martin Kyalwazi (T.E.A. Party)
Zachary Marcone (T.E.A. Party)
Iris Aikaterini Frangou (T.E.A. Party)
Aunoy Poddar (The Surprise Party)
Adam Resheff (The Surprise Party)
Katie Cooke (The Surprise Party)
Katherine Tsang (We Go Ham(ilton))
Elias Taveras (We Go Ham(ilton))
Georgia Fallon (We Go Ham(ilton))

2018 Class Council
Class Representatives
Gabriel Gomez­Bush
Thoasin Bari
Sameer Mishra
Sam Ackerman
John Avendano
Maxwell Hu
Brock Ali
Nathan Rosin
Mikos Legrand

Inclusion and Equity Representative
Sean Augustine­Obi
Doreen Mohammed
Ewoma Ogbaudu
Helena Youhana
Madhu Elias
Adil Mughal