Text of tip: "I'm basically a Bwog field reporter already!"

Text of tip: “I’m basically a Bwog field reporter already!”

Real people Upperclassmen are back on campus and first-years have survived the insanity of NSOP. Bwog hopes everyone is making it through the first day of classes, but if you barely struggled through, re-live the highs and lows of the long weekend with field notes.

Firsts for non-first-years:

  • Got thrown up on for the first time of the school year.
  • Went to a Yankees Game for the first time ever.
  • Got turned away from the Heights (for the first time).

The woes of move-in:

  • Spent $400 on an air conditioner that I picked up from Jersey.
  • Left my corkscrew on a roof.
  • Accidentally sneaked into the Green Sale and got a piece of art (on canvas and everything!) for $3.
  • Tried to kiss my former RA
  • Watched Fiji “bros” almost assault someone over a picture at a hogan party
  • Stumbled into the wrong room at 4am (sry!) on the way back to my friend’s room from the bathroom

Wild times in the city:

  • Hit on the 115th halal guy in arabic while wasted…should i go for it?? (i’m serious–he’s cute!)
  • Went to a bombass party on the roof of the Hotel Empire (it was my Gossip Girl moment)
  • Lost a twerking contest to a drag queen
  • Lost a catwalk contest to a drag queen
  • Got my snap story on the Back To College international story (it got 8 million views)
  • Verbally berated what we thought were freshmen making out on Amsterdam….they were seniors