President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca

President Marie-Louise Preca

Staff Writer Amara Banks reports from yet another World Leaders Forum event. President Marie-Louise Preca of Malta presented a talk on inequality and the state.

The Columbia University community was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear from one of the world’s greatest leaders on Thursday, September 23rd. Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta, spoke before faculty, students, alumni, and a hoard of security in Low Library.

President Preca presented an excellent address, touching on many issues that society faces today, while focusing primarily on inequality. She reminded the audience “inequality infects the social and economic fabric of our nations.”

To get rid of inequality, she says, “we need to bring to the floor elements that prioritize well being.” Then, she made a relevant reference to the issue of migrants. She stated beautifully that some people think of them as problems to society, when really they can make great societal cont

ributions. To ensure the equal treatment of all people, President Preca says that, “we need a strong consensus from the global community. Change must take place on all fronts. Appropriate policy and legal frame works that protect interests of all.”

The last few minutes of the forum were reserved for audience questions. One student asked for The President’s thoughts on the government’s favor toward the developer’s interests rather than the Maltese people’s. Delighted that the question came from Columbia’s only Maltese student, President Preca answered the question with a genuine smile. She acknowledged any politician’s desire to be popular, and that action in general will only happen if the politician recognizes that it is something that the people want. If there is enough noise around keeping pristine lands undeveloped, the politician will make that happen.

President Preca’s message will be uploaded online within the next few days.

Photo via Wikicommons