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PSA: You Can Now Get Chipotle Delivered To Your Dorm

Us after we order Chipotle

Us after we order Chipotle

Some lazy student must have been praying to the Chipotle Gods (or goddesses–we see you, DSpar) because the popular chain located on 111th St. and Broadway will deliver to Columbia dorms starting this fall. In order to get your fav Chipotle order delivered, you must use the app called Tapingo. You’ll be able to place your order from your phone and continue watching Netflix in your bed while you wait for your burrito to arrive.

We’re not so sure that Chipotle delivery is necessary considering how close it is to campus, but we’ll take any opportunity to not have to walk. Hell, we might even pay extra for guac if we don’t have to walk to the restaurant. We are curious if delivery will be an extra charge (if so, how much,) and how fast delivery will be. Regardless, we’re sure Columbia students (let’s be real–it’s just going to the same people who order Insomnia Cookies) will make use of the delivery service.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous this will just make the line even slower smh

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