This week, voting is taking place for CC, SEAS, and BC student government positions for the class of 2019, as well as CC 2018 Class Council and Inclusion and Equity Representatives. You might already have been aware of this fact if you saw our post on the subject, or if you’ve, well, been in any of the first-year dorms. It’s important to start your career in student government off with your best side to the camera, and these first-years (and sophomores) are definitely doing that.

Here, Bwog showcases some of the best promotional flyers our future leaders have put together. We’re not sure what any of their platforms are, but they certainly look like interesting candidates.

1. The Technologically Savvy

fu fighters

they’re ready to fight! what are they fighting? we aren’t sure.


If you didn’t already know that these candidates are from SEAS, they’ve given their flyer both a punny name and a QR code to help you reach that conclusion. They definitely have a variety of skills they could bring to the table as class representatives.

2. The Pop-Culturally Aware

D.W.'s famous thousand-yard stare

D.W.’s famous thousand-yard stare


D.W. is an excellent choice for a flyer, partially because she’s smart and determined, but mostly because she excels at sass. Nobody wants D.W. judging them. Vote Banks.

3. The Organized

is Pantone an abbreviation for something?  a combination of names, perhaps?

a vote Pantone 292 is a vote for Columbia blue



The most vibrant color on this flyer is Columbia blue, perhaps to reflect the ideals of candidates for whom the most important quality is Columbia school spirit. They’ve got class, they’ve got nice smiles, and they’ve probably got lofty goals, although we don’t know what those are yet.

4. The Simple

this is the green flyer.  (they also come in pink)

this is the green flyer. (they also come in pink)


Sometimes, a simple flyer can be the most effective. This candidate is definitely aware of that fact, as you can see by the clear, clean nature of her flyer. (A special bonus: these flyers come in various colors!)

5. The Punny

if you're not you when you're thirsty, then who are you?

if you’re not you when you’re thirsty, then who are you?


What does T.E.A stand for? Who are all of those people on the side of the flyer? Will this administration offer anything besides tea parties and freedom? Hopefully, if elected, these students will answer those questions.

6. The Beautiful

a face to vote for

a face to vote for


That’s a pretty vote-for-able face, Bwog has to agree. The multiple question marks really make this flyer. And the informational reminders about how to vote certainly don’t hurt this candidate’s chances.

7. The Inclusive

we at Bwog are always busy being awesome

we at Bwog are always busy being awesome


“Everyone is awesome!” this poster shouts. “Everyone is cool when we’re part of a team!” (Whoops, now we’re just quoting that song from the Lego Movie.) Still, flattery is a valuable tool in any campaign. This candidate knows what he’s doing.

8. The Fortunately Named

there are so many adjectives on this flyer and they're all great

there are so many nouns on this flyer and they’re all great


The luckiest of candidates can take advantage of skills they’ve already been given – such as, in this case, a great name. “Believe in Eve, she’ll achieve.” Just listen to that internal rhyme. There’s no way you can’t vote for her.  (And, to make her case even better, sources tell us she handed out roses and cupcakes on every floor of the Barnard quad today.  The dedication is real.)

9. The Empowered

was the photographer sufficiently compensated for taking this photo?

was the photographer sufficiently compensated for taking this photo?

This group of candidates is so poised, so well-dressed, and so diverse, they could’ve come straight out of an elementary school mathematics textbook. And they’re advertising a fresh start! What could possibly be better than that?

10. The Historically Aware

it's true, money is the key to happiness

it’s true, money is the key to happiness


The ten-dollar Founding Father without a father might not be alive today to support this candidate, but you can. This candidate is so good at handling money, he has enough spare ten dollar bills to pose with one on his flyer. (And we’re not sure what his friend is doing in the background, but it looks awesome.)

11. The Lazy

the more y's in the word "hey", the better quality the flyer

the more y’s in the word “hey”, the better quality the flyer


Sometimes, you know, you want to get involved, but you’re not entirely sure you can fully commit. Other times, your friend who promised she knows graphic design and can help you out bailed at the last minute. Either way, for the circumstances, this flyer is pretty sweet.

12. The Ready to Party

that is one classy-looking boat

that is one classy-looking boat


We here at Bwog fully endorse boats, dancing, fancy dresses, and whatever that figure in the bottom right hand corner is doing. Classy spelled with two dollar signs, we are less certain about endorsing – but either way, the highlighting on this flyer is on point.

13. The Sir Not Appearing In This Election

this flyer is making Barnard great all by itself

this flyer is making Barnard great all by itself


Finally, what might be the best flyer on campus: this one, from a candidate who is not, in fact, a candidate. Using your precious printing dollars to put up flyers with bears and cute pictures of yourself, all to make people in your dorm smile as they travel through the hallways – that’s he only real way to make Barnard great again. (If it ever stopped being great to begin with.)

All images via Bwog staff photographers.