Hint: send one to Bwog, or we'll be blowing up your phone for days. You'll get tired of that hotline bling.

Hint: send one to Bwog, or we’ll be blowing up your phone for days. You’ll get tired of that hotline bling.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2013, you know Bwog has a special affinity for Aubrey Graham aka Drizzy aka Champagne Papi aka Drake. We relate to his vulnerability and stuff, but mostly we love dancing like fiends to his hot, hot beats.

As the superfans will tell you, this Saturday is a very special day: on October 24, Drake will turn 29. In celebration of this momentous occasion, the Bacchanal crew will be selling Drake Candy Grams on the Lerner Ramps. If you come through between October 20 and October 22, you can purchase grams (one for three dollars, four for ten dollars) that will then be delivered on the eve of Drizzy’s birthday (this Friday night). The grams are printed with a Drake lyric of your choice and come with a piece of candy–is there any better way to relieve mid-October blues?

Send one to your partner, your partner-in-crime, your dog, your academic advisor, your ex (no, don’t do that, please)… actually, forget all that and just send one to Bwog. We’ll be waiting.

If for some reason you don’t have any special someones to blow up your zone with Drake Grams, join us in spending the night crying into your McDonald’s (allegedly Drake’s favorite food according to dubious online sources) and watching the new Hotline Bling music video on loop. There are worse ways to spend a night…

Drake Collage via Bacchanal