Sugar rush? Worth it, as long as its free.

Sugar rush? Worth it, as long as it’s free

In this edition of 2Girls1Snack, baby Bwoggers Megan Fillion and Sarah Dahl bring you through the adventures of two overly-gluttonous girls jumping from club to club around campus, masking themselves as women of diverse interests.

Quad Cares – Mondays 8-9 pm, Sulzberger Quad (Barnard)

Basically, Sulz RAs are saints, because they host weekly nights of games and gluttony. Past events have included trivia night, sleep-mask decorating, and ramen creation, and all involve some sort of food: usually candy (think three musketeers, snickers, dum-dums), although ramen was kindly provided on ramen night. It looks like you don’t even have to be a Barnard student–let alone a first-year–to partake, because the RAs never check ID, and the lobby is conveniently located before the swipe checkpoint.

Rating: 5 Stars

Ultimate Frisbee – Tuesdays/Thursdays 9-11pm

These two overly-enthusiastic (and fairly naïve) girls decided to attend the first ultimate Frisbee club with the mentality that if one burns many calories, one will be rewarded with many goodies. They were wrong. Oh, were they wrong. Arriving to the meeting in their old workout clothes, bellies poking out of three-year-old shirts, they were ready to take on a new challenge. They were confused as to why they were led to a bus, but decided not to protest at the risk of revealing their true un-athletic nature. To their surprise, they had a great time throwing a frisbee around! Although they were very clumsy and often out of breath, their teammates were always supportive and kept a positive mindset. After two hours of laughs and faking injuries to get to sit on the sidelines, the practice finally came to an end. As they were ready to reap their reward, the girls were herded back into the bus. I guess they’re the kind of people who “snack on life”. It’s a valid life choice, just not for these two girls.

Rating: 1 Star (At least the frisbee was fun?)

Philosophy Forum– Wednesdays 8-9:30 pm, Philosophy 716

According to Plato, bodily hunger is less important than the appetites of knowledge, but the weekly Undergraduate Philosophy Forum still kindly provided brain food at their weekly meeting. The Bwog girls hungrily devoured pizza from V&T’s and sipped bubbly beverages while contemplating zombies and the meaning of life.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Cookies and Coding – Wednesdays 10-11pm

After a long day of working and taking one too many naps, the two girls were looking forward to this appealing club. Having been tricked by Ultimate Frisbee, they knew they couldn’t be disappointed by this club – there’s food in the title’s name for god’s sake! Having practiced their “coding lingo” beforehand, the girls walked into Lerner Hall with confidence. But when they entered the seminar room, they couldn’t help but breaking out of character and sprinting to the food table. They didn’t only have cookies, they had Insomnia Cookies! The two stole a box and inhaled their snack in the corner. They promptly left due to the fact they had many judgmental looks upon them. The two girls decided to come back the next week for more Insomnia Cookies, but they were disappointed at the sight of two half-eaten supermarket brand cookie boxes. They went back to their respective rooms that night with a void in both their stomachs and their hearts.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Weekly Chemistry Lecture– Thursdays 4-5:30 pm, Havemeyer 328 and 209

Your trusty food fiends were excited to attend this afternoon of science and sucrose, which occurs each Wednesday in Havemeyer. Snacks began at 4:00 pm in room 328, but the lecture didn’t actually start until 4:30 in room 209, so it was easy to swipe some snacks and forgo the lecture, which is exactly what your gluttonous girls did. The array consisted of store-bought cookies, wafers, potato chips, and cheese curls, as well as some OJ, coffee, and whole milk. Although chemists may enjoy cooking up concoctions in the lab, it looks like they aren’t the most avid bakers. The attire for the event appeared to be beard, t-shirt, and glasses, and the Bwog team was disappointed to notice just one other woman in the room.

Rating: 4 Stars