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Oddities Of Buy/Sell/Trade At Barnard

Quickly becoming our favorite page.

Quickly becoming our favorite page.

Barnard Buy/Sell/Trade is the place to get textbooks, clothes, shoes, power strips, and mattress pads–but could it also be something more? We’ve noticed some pretty weird shit on the group, and although no one is selling flamethrowers, we do wonder whether the eclectic posts are the beginnings of a new era in the group: heralding the birth of a connective tissue greater than the need for books and clothes that currently bonds posters. We collected and analyzed some of our favorites.

Most overpriced: “Selling a Bernie Sanders shirt for $20.” We’re pretty sure Bernie would hate that.

We’re sure this made a Catholic CU student very happy: “My uber driver gave me a ‘green zone’ ticket to see the pope today–anyone want it?”

Best party-starter: “Does anyone have a large sangria/drink pitcher I could borrow for tomorrow night?” (Bwog was upset that we didn’t cop an invite).

As every tight-wearer knows, rips are the bane of one’s existence: “if anyone has ripped tights they plan on throwing out, id love to take em off your hands — especially if theyre sheer!” This girl is a saint.

Buy Sell Trade becomes a bakery: “hello I am looking to buy homemade banana bread off of someone who knows how to make it well.”

Best gig: “Hey does anyone know a guy or girl who would be willing to dress up as Darth Vader for a 6 year old birthday $40/1.5hrs…party is TOMORROW(Friday) at teachers college and show up 4pm-5:30. PM me if interested! Thanks! *costume provided and free food:) + cash = winner.”

Tryna cop some condiments: “yo does anyone in 616 have ketchup” Unfortunately the poster finished her fries before the catsup came thru.

Hair products of the Seven Sisters: “does anyone have extra hair bleach lying around?” Sounds sus, but we hope she got some.

Most transformed: “So I’ve gone through a lot of different personalities over the last couple years, meaning I have a lot of unused/lightly used bedding that I no longer need.” Bwog didn’t know personality changes could also include bedding personae, but it seems they can, as the contrast between the black and green pastel sheets for sale was striking.

Most generous: “The first person to guess my favorite color can have a free 15 dollar Starbucks gift card [party emoji].” (It was red).

We feel you: “does anyone in 620 or nearby have any zyrtec? allergies abound and i am 2 weak to make it to duane reade in this weather.” Isn’t Zyrtec one of those allergy pills you take every day though?

$15 OBO: Same girl as above who asked for hair bleach now selling her soul. Didn’t specify size/price.

We could all use a copy-editor some days: “looking to buy a (cuteish) white t-shit.”

Most normal (which is saying a lot): “Nylon Ukulele strings for $4! Message me if interested!”

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