Just Shia doing Shia things.

Just Shia doing Shia things.

Shia LaBeouf, once known for his acting and alleged cannibalism, is now increasingly known for his legal troubles. He was arrested Friday night for public intoxication and attempting to cross the street at an inopportune time. (USA Today)

In yet another incident of actor arrest, while Shia was making a fool of himself in Austin, Randy Quaid and his wife were trying in vain to cross the Canada-Vermont border. Better luck next time, guys? (ABC)

The CIA has announced that maaaaybe their former director might have possibly (almost definitely) omitted relevant information surrounding the circumstances of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. (Fox)

This mistake is yet to come, but it’s likely it will happen soon… and when it does, it could cost the Mets $15.8 million. They’re about to lose Daniel Murphy. (New York Post)

Chris Christie may have made a huge mistake – even huger than sticking to his birth name – and he’s realizing this only now. (Washington Post)

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