A hurricane

A hurricane

Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever known to make landfall, hit Mexico’s Pacific coast last night, but quickly deteriorated to a tropical storm. Luckily the hurricane’s path avoided major cities. (The Weather Channel)

Yikes! Caitlyn Jenner wore a near-identical dress to the one Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wore to announce her engagement to the Prince. Commoners can purchase the dress online, too. (People)

Volkswagen has been cheating on emissions tests since 2014, but the information did not become public until September 18th. It was recently disclosed that members of the automaker’s board did not find out about the scandal until this date, either: as they were in the midst of extending the chief executive’s contract (who arguably knew about the cheating). He’s since resigned. (NY Times)

FBI Director James B. Coney said yesterday at the University of Chicago Law School that he believes increased scrutiny of police officers has led to an uptick in violent crime, as cops have become less aggressive. Really? (NY Times)

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