This means the drought is over right?

This means the drought is over, right?

This week, Georgia Tech’s Phi Delta Theta chapter has been accused of using racial slurs against a fellow female student. While the fraternity insists the allegation is false, the fraternity has received disciplinary action. Luckily, Columbia’s greek life would never be that problematic, right? (Huffington Post)

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down! After months of dust and debris, California is finally receiving some moisture…in the form of flash floods and mudslides, unfortunately. Parts of the Interstate 5 has been closed in response the the heavy rains. (CBS)

Whoops! This week, a Target in Campbell, California accidentally broadcasted what appears to have been pornography over the loudspeaker for an extended period of time. The incident is being investigated currently. As for the couple on the loudspeaker?
Well, you could say they hit the target right on the bullseye. (LA Times)

It has been revealed that Lamar Odom, known for being an NBA champion and for being Khloe Kardashian’s ex, spent over $75,000 at a brothel over the three days he spent there before he was found unconscious in a coma. That’s more than NYU’s yearly tuition. (CNN)

Spooky Rainy California via Shutterstock