Penn fan attempts to fly kite on baseball field.

Penn fan attempts to fly kite on baseball field.

Bwog provides a run-down of Homecoming 2015:

“International tourists asked for photos with me at the pep rally.”

“Students drinking out of open containers on college walk.”

“My friend lied that she was in SEAS to get a scarf. And just misspelled her name really badly.”

“They ran out of beer.”

“Friend compared homecoming bus to a space ship which seems legit.”

“Stole beers from random tailgates.”

“Watched the people in front of me depart at half-time and leave their half-eaten pretzels/nachos on their seats. Took their seats and ate their food.”

“Alumni wearing a long-sleeved shirt that just says “player.”

“Penn fan on the baseball field trying to fly a kite.”

“Left at halftime to go to 110th Chipotle.”

“People behind me sat down and said ‘great view of the projects from here.'”

“CUMB compared coach Al Bagnoli to Gnocchi and Ravioli, and demanded ‘who killed the streak?’ As if the end of our losing streak was a murder.”

“Ran into professor trying to get through subway turnstile as I was going out.”