Get ready to see a lot of these around campus

Get ready to see a lot of these around campus

For the first time in forever, you’re actually excited about Homecoming! You’re less so about by-laws, but Bwogger Joe Milholland, unmoved, gives you the CCSC recap you need, not the one you deserve.

At the Sunday night Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) meeting, VP of Campus Life Kelly Echavarria announced that this week’s Homecoming activities will include a photo scavenger hunt for inflatable lions hidden around campus. Students who take a picture of themselves with the lions—or the VPs of Campus Life from the 4 undergrad student councils—and enter into the raffle will be eligible to win an Apple Watch or sweaters.

The council also made some more changes to its by-laws. The judicial board committee, which is decided by the senior class president, will be approved by CCSC’s executive board and communicated to the general body—a measure implemented for “transparency,” according to current Senior Class President Saaket Pradham.

In addition, the Academic Affairs Rep now has the option to be appointed at any point to the Committee on the Core or the Committee on Instruction. Before, the Academic Affairs Rep had to sit on this committee if they did not have a scheduling conflict. According to VP for Communications Grayson Warrick, this was because a few years ago someone on these committees went “rogue” and refused to communicate with CCSC, prompting the council to change the position to someone they could hold accountable.

Finally, Inclusion and Equity Rep Ewoma Ogbaudu proposed the council hold its elections away from College Days, where council members could potentially sway the electorate by giving away free stuff. University Senator Marc Heinrich said this change would likely require input from the Election Board, so the council put off discussing this change until a later date.


  • Class of 2017 Representative Petros Krommidas has resigned his position. Although CCSC President Benjamin Makansi acknowledged special elections have taken place in such instances in the past, he said Krommidas’s succesor would be appointed. The committee to suggest a replacement will consist of Class of 2017 President Ravi Sinha, 2017 VP Marshall Bozeman, USenator Ramis Wadood, and President Makansi.
  • According to VP of Policy Vivek Ramakrishnan, CSA is open to changes, and he and ESC’s VP of Policy had a break-out session about what changes students wanted to see in the office.
  • Alumni Affairs Rep Daniel Liss wants to get employers that do not recruit on campus to do so. His plan includes reaching out to alumni at certain firms to encourage those companies to start recruiting on campus.
  • Ogbaudu and Pre-Professional Rep Chris George are working with the Center for Career Education and Alumni Affairs “to subsidize 100-150 resume portfolios so that students can check them out whenever needed.”