"You don't understand, mom, this is the real me. Now take me to Hot Topic."

“You don’t understand, mom, this is the real me. Now take me to Hot Topic.”

Got a bad score on your calc midterm? Can’t go out with friends this weekend because you’re too busy studying? Or maybe you just got that bug that’s been going around campus this time of year?

Either way, this playlist is here for you, to help you commiserate and maybe cry over your homework if you need to. (Not that I did that, of course). Here’s your go-to mixtape for teen and post-teen angst.

We Rule the School by Belle and Sebastian: The title of this song is deceptively confident (just like you, right before midterms), while in fact it is a woeful and beautiful song.

Honeymoon by Lana del Rey: If you need an escape from work, listen to Lana’s moody dream pop ballad and be instantly transported to an era of forgotten glamour and troubled wives.

Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine: This stripped-down cover of The Postal Service’s famous love song is soothing on a stressful night.

Between the Bars by Elliot Smith: I mean, of course Bwog doesn’t advocate drinking, but….if you’re of age and feel like crying over a beer and Russian homework, there is no song better than this one.

Helplessly Hoping by Crosby Stills Nash and Young: The title is self-explanatory in this case: if you’re helplessly hoping for an A on your Gen Chem midterm, you gotta listen to this one. Ignore the fact that it was written about forlorn lovers and not a college test.

Chelsea Hotel #2 by Leonard Cohen: “I need you, I don’t need you, I need you” is part of the chorus in this song, and can easily be applied to both your Nyquil cough syrup for the cold you’ve got, or your English homework. Do you need it? Who knows. But you need this song in your life.

Off You by The Breeders: Listen to this one when you feel spaced-out and just want a tender indie rock song to experience feelings with. It was featured in the movie Her too, so maybe listen while you take a study break and form a meaningful relationship with Siri. Siri always listens to you.

Take Care by Beach House: This is the perfect jam for when you’re drifting off to sleep. Dreamy and smooth, Beach House even sings “I’ll take care of you, if you ask me to.” What more could you want from this lovely lullaby?

Check out the playlist below: