We know you’ve been busy lately—midterms, binge-watching Netflix, and obsessively reading Bwog has no doubt taken a lot out of you. If you haven’t gotten around to preparing your Halloween costume, don’t panic! We have a few suggestions for you, now that Ricky’s is gone (RIP) and it’s even harder for you to scrounge up a last-minute look.

Babies - even the creepy ones - don't have to take midterms

Is this baby more or less terrifying than your midterms?

1. Spirit Halloween – 103rd St. & Broadway
Out of all the stores in the neighborhood, this one has the most options. The pop-up has a variety of (topical) costumes, masks, props, and makeup, from peacock-patterned false eyelashes to spray bottles of fake blood. The only downside is that a lot of the most popular costumes are left only in larger sizes, and it’s a bit pricey for gear you probably won’t get much use out of. There are, however, some coupons floating around, including a 20% off coupon for in-store purchases.

What caught our eye (for better or worse): a terrifying baby mask, Orange is the New Black costumes, a Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover costume

You can get a nice spooky color scheme with those streamers

You can get a nice spooky color scheme with those streamers

2. Duane Reade – 2864 Broadway (between 111th and 112th St.)
This pharmacy has all the typical Halloween supplies: wigs, false teeth, masks, some basic zombie makeup – you get the picture. It’s relatively cheap, and there’s currently a “Buy One Get One 50% Off” promotion running for most Halloween supplies. Also, the store carries more seasonal decorations than Spirit, in case you need something to add atmosphere to your room or party.

What caught our eye: a multicolored clown wig, a weird witch’s hat with green appendage-like tubes sticking out

Is this a Thor costume or a distressed freshman? We can't tell

Is this a Thor costume or a distressed freshman? We can’t tell

3. Rite Aid – 2833 Broadway (109th St.)
Again, masks and small props galore, although there do seem to be more complete costumes here (and many of the capes are 50% off!) This is also another option if you want to buy home décor.

What caught our eye: a mournful Norseman giving us classic Kennedy, a ladybug costume

Cheap art supplies for days

Cheap art supplies for days

4. Janoff’s Stationery – 2870 Broadway (between 111th and 112th St.)
If you’re going for more of a DIY vibe, there are plenty of art supplies available here, as well as some suitably creepy plain white masks.

What caught our eye: a complete set of face paints (useful if your costume is going to be more involved)

5. Deals – 280 St. Nicholas Avenue (124th St.)
This might be a bit of a walk for some of you, but Deals is a great discount store filled with treasure and trash alike. There are lots of Halloween-themed items, but you might be able to just throw something together from all the weird stuff available—and at minimal cost to you. This is also probably the place to go for basic party supplies.

What caught our eye: 22” “Plush Magic Princess Wands” – only one dollar each, and sure to go with any outfit!

Next Up: Slightly Less Spooky
While these places might not have a lot of Halloween-specific supplies, they’re still an option if you’re willing to put more effort into your costume.

6. Market stalls outside Columbia
Why not? You could probably cobble together an outfit using the bizarre knick-knacks found at these stands. Costume ideas: market stall, bonsai tree holder, manifestation of post-midterms madness, acid trip, a spy in a really obvious disguise—there are plenty of options!

7. American Apparel – 2831 Broadway (109th St.)
The window display loudly proclaims “Halloween!”, but there’s not much Halloween spirit evident inside the store itself. If you’re going for a ‘70s/’90s/hipster aesthetic, you can still try your luck here (if you’re willing to fork over the cash, that is).

8. Rainbow – 308 125 Street (Frederick Douglass Blvd.)
This is too distant for some to contemplate, but if you need super cheap, relatively trendy duds for your costume, Rainbow has your back.

9. Fashion Superstore – 2321 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (between 124th and 125th Street)
Another great source for cheap clothing!

You can check these places out, or you can just go downtown—where everything is a lot more convenient.

Pictures via Bwog Staff