In the spirit of the neverending hell spiral of midterms, Bwog presents a list of motivational videos to help you get through that last chapter of chemistry, pile of French flashcards, or page of English essay, compiled by Betsy Ladyzhets.

1. The Japanese Fisherman who believes in you.
There are so many people surrounding you and cheering you on, and some of them don’t even know you! One of them is even harvesting Asiatic clams in -10 degree weather! How can you disappoint him? Come on, finish your paper.

2. Powerthirst, the energy drink for people who need gratuitous amounts of energy.
You might not be able to actually drink Powerthirst (although you can order off the internet, but you can still get uncomfortably energetic enough to push through your last problem set by watching this video.

3. Oh, how the tables have turned.
Remember the Jonas Brothers? No? Well, they haven’t forgotten you, and they want you to turn the tables on your calculus teacher by actually knowing how to solve the derivatives on his test.

4. Oskaar, the guy who just wants some more sunlight.
We may not be able to see Oskaar’s dog, but we can definitely see his spirit. Would Oskaar give up on economics readings? Absolutely not! He wants you all to be heroes. Don’t let your good grades run away.

5. Hamilton’s not throwing away his shot, and you shouldn’t either.
You’ve probably heard of (if not heard the music of) the Hamilton musical by now, and for good reason. The music is driving and the lyrics are nothing less than inspirational. You definitely won’t drift off while reading your textbook if you’re listening to this album.

6. Bike-riding champ believes in the power of persistence.
You can learn how to ride a bike! You can learn how to solve a differential equation! You can write a ten page paper in one night! If you don’t agree, just listen to this kid – he has faith in you.

7. When you know it’s gonna be an all-nighter.
What’s going on in this video? Not sleeping, that’s for sure. Grab yourself some extra coffee, jump up and down to get the blood flowing, and watch this video a few times, and you’ll be ready to power through all of your studying.

8. Motivational words (and other words) from Daily Grace.
Sadly, you’re not even close to finishing out the school year, but you’re at least close to finishing out your midterms. And there are so many inspirational words in this video, it should fill you up with motivation until you have more than you need. (Give that extra motivation to the other people in Butler with you at 3am. They probably also need it.)

9. The best president gives the best pep talk.
Kid President is arguably the most intelligent young man on the internet today. If you watch his video, you might not become as intelligent as he is, but you can at least gain enough intelligence to understand your psychology reading.

10. Some really aggressive snapping.
Get cool. Stay cool. Keep cool. Write your paper cool, so that your words betray to your professor the absolute panic you feel about your grade in their class. Do not, however, attempt any of the dance moves in this video.

11. You’ll do well! Have some of this coollade!
Hank Green gives a pep talk that rhymes, mostly. It’s inclusive of all majors and aspirations, and references male genitalia. What more could you want out of a four-minute-long video, really?

12. Shia Lebeuf knows you can do it.
If Shia’s shouting isn’t enough to get you to work as hard as you possibly can, then there’s really no help for you. So, what are you waiting for? Just … DO IT.