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Suite style living? Private kitchens? Incredible views? It can all be yours for the low, low price of the six block walk to campus. 

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Bwog Love: You

Bwogger Sarah Braner wants you to know that we’re all gonna be alright. Dear person about to go through finals, For one of our final Bwog Loves before, well, finals, Bwog would like you to know that we love you. We here at Bwog think you are amazing. I promise we will all be okay. I […]

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According to the registrar’s office, today is Midterm Day, meaning we’ve officially made it halfway through our semester. This comes as surprising news for some, but it feels like about fucking time for others. The chandelier in Ref is definitely one of these others, as it, like the rest of us, appears to be quite burnt out. […]

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While midterms lurk in the near future, blurring the beautiful prospect of the toasty Miamian sunlight during springbreak, it is always important to treat yourself to a study break! Do you feel like everyone seems to understand what your Arabic professor is talking about in class? No! Everyone is just mindlessly nodding, as you are! […]

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In the spirit of the neverending hell spiral of midterms, Bwog presents a list of motivational videos to help you get through that last chapter of chemistry, pile of French flashcards, or page of English essay, compiled by Betsy Ladyzhets. 1. The Japanese Fisherman who believes in you. There are so many people surrounding you […]

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You’re almost there: the light at the end of the tunnel.  Yeah it’s a cliche, but we’ve already turned in all our papers so we don’t care.  Anyway, keep your head held high and keep pushing through till the end.  You’ve made it this far already, and Bwog believes in you! Bwogline: Literally everyone and […]

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Look, the endpoint is in sight. Dorm rooms are emptying of the hipster junk you thought would look cool but ended up just taking up space. Stress and sleep deprivation have blanketed a calm over the campus. Focus, and you’ll be able to endure. Try studying in one of those lesser known libraries that probably […]

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November 24, 2022
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November 24, 2022
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Actually Taking The Swim Test
November 22, 2022

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