What's behind these curtains? Only Bwog knows...

What’s behind these curtains? Only Bwog knows…

A perfectly ordinary family/an obsolete institution released pictures of one of its newer members, under the impression that anyone would care (we kind of do). (USA Today)

Rejoice, for the Age of the Internet stretches before us, unmoved and unyielding. As a result of shoppers flocking to online deals, Black Friday store sales have slipped this year—although it was still a pretty dark night of the soul for a lot of people. (US News)

Post-Thanksgiving topicality: Turkey has struck a deal with European leaders regarding the refugee crisis, receiving money and concessions in exchange for keeping refugees from entering Europe. (BBC)

Revelations abound as investigators try to piece together the motivations of the suspected Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooter.

On a lighter note, who was the thief who absconded with a case of Red Bull from a delivery truck in the Bronx, stealing our hearts/giving us wings in the process?

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