"Sunlight is sacred," said Warren St. John, protector of the blue skies

“Sunlight is sacred,” said Warren St. John, protector of the blue skies

The citizens of Myanmar voted yesterday in what has been called the freest election in the country in a quarter-century. Many see this as a chance for Nobel laureate Suu Kyi Aung San Suu Kyi’s party to gain seats and play a bigger role in governing. (CNN)

Less sacred than democracy in action: Queens-born Donald Trump took the stage on this week’s episode of SNL to record ratings, although a New York Times reviewer seems utterly disgusted and bored (and opens with the question, “Is Donald J. Trump a clown?”). (New York Times)

Protesters from the group Stand Against the Shadows gathered yesterday near Central Park, in opposition to the construction of skyscrapers that would cast shadows across their beloved park. This protest has everything: umbrellas, a shadowy organization (ha ha), and this quote: “We want to protect the blue sky.” (New York Post)

This is kind of bizarre—a man who has been playing Ben Carson in a children’s theater production for 21 years now says he doesn’t recognize the man on the campaign trail. (Politico)

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