The location of the once-impressive bulletin board

The location of the once-impressive bulletin board

Earlier today, Carman Residence Hall Director Aaron Hukari sent an email to residents of the building mentioning a recent increase in vandalism within the dorm. According to the email, there has been a “potential​ bias-related incident,” in which a bulletin board “dedicated to Trans Awareness Month and Trans Voices,” was torn down and vandalized.

Hukari went on to condemn the vandalism as being an act of transphobia, stating “our community​ ​will not be silent when faced with​…​bias-related incidents.”

Additionally, Hukari added that the general level of vandalism in Carman has recently increased, mentioning the destruction of multiple floor bulletin boards and the breaking of ceiling tiles. The email goes on to say that any damage to floor bulletin boards and ceiling tiles will result in both judicial action and monetary penalties.

The relevant text from Hukari’s email is produced below:

Hello Carman,

I am writing to inform you of a​ potential​ bias-related incident that recently occurred​ ​in our community. ​Saturday evening, a bulletin board dedicated to Trans Awareness Month and Trans Voices was torn down. Not only do I consider this inappropriate,​ ​but it is an act of hate that makes ​this community​ feel targeted and​ ​unwelcome. Such behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. Our community​ ​will not be silent when faced with​ transphobia or other​ ​bias-related incidents.

Additionally, I would like to draw your attention to the increase in general​ ​vandalism throughout ​Carman. It is inappropriate to rip down​ ​bulletin boards that the staff here spends time creating​ or break the ceiling til​es. Your Resident Advisers work diligently to craft the bulletin boards and their destruction is unacceptable. Not only will such​ ​actions result in judicial action, but they often times have monetary​ ​penalties given the nature of damage.

​If you​ ​see something inappropriate inform your RA or Public​ ​Safety. Educate yourself about issues of diversity, and do your part​ ​to make your floor a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. If you would like to educate yourself further about Trans Issues, Columbia is holding many programs in honor of Trans Awareness Week. Additionally, there are multiple resources below for further education.

​- Aaron

Photo via Bwog Staff