It's a little early for April Fool's, isn't it?

It’s a little early for April Fool’s, isn’t it?

GS students are, despite their relatively greater age and “maturity,” college students just like the rest of us. They like to have fun, cause some amiable mischief, and create an all around friendly environment. That’s why Bwog student government liaison Joe Milholland was witness to a fun prank from them this week as well as discussion about Barnard, appeals, and the gym.

On Tuesday night, the General Studies Student Council (GSSC) appointed Michael Neier, formerly the Senior Class VP, to be the council’s VP of Policy. Neier was the only person running for the position (a GSSC search committee recommended him). In a speech, he emphasized his past work in policy-related areas in student governments, and he said wanted to implement a system whereby GS students could recommend initiatives to GSSC online.

After Neier gave his speech, he went outside so the council could vote in private, and GSSC had an extended conversation on how to trick Neier into thinking they were voting against him. The Satow Room, where GSSC meetings are held, has glass windows, so Neier could see who was raising their hands for what, and the council eventually settled on having one council member vote against him first, then having everyone else vote for him (usually, votes in favor are first and votes against come second, so it would look to Neier that most council members voted against him. He did not seem convinced by this trick).

Despite this prank, the council did approve Neier to be the new VP of Policy.

GSSC President Elizabeth Heyman brought up supporting the SGA (Barnard’s student government), who are petitioning the Barnard admins to get students winter housing this year. The council was generally receptive to this idea, and Alumni Affairs Rep Hannah Germond mentioned that it would be good to show solidarity with Barnard, since GS students have housing issues as well. Read about the statement GSSC did put out on this issue on the council’s Facebook page.

Other updates:

  • In response to a question last week of whether the appeals process for group adjudication could still happen 10 school days after the initial decision if new information was brought in, Heyman said it would be difficult to extend the appeals time longer because groups may have to remain on probation during that period.
  • According to USenator Katherine Celentano, the Senate’s Student Affairs Committee (SAC) announced its University Judicial Board (UJB) nominees, which included one student from GS, as well as one from CC, one from Teacher’s College, one from the Law School, and one from Barnard. The Exec Committee will now appoint two students to the UJB’s first iteration and leave the other three as alternates.
  • Celentano also announced some gym updates. First, in the next few weeks, several areas of the gym will be sectioned off one at a time while improvements are made, such as adding an Olympic weightlifting platform. Second, the university has hired a project evaluation firm to study athletics and wellness at Columbia. Finally, a university wide survey about gyms is coming.

Laughing at the “Other” via Shuttershock