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See You At The Varsity Show Auditions Today (And Tomorrow)!

How can you say no to that face?

How can you say no to that face?

Performers, designers, type-A personalities, lend me your ears—because you just might be interested in the ongoing auditions for the Varsity Show. Whether you want to act, design costumes, or claim your rightful place as “snack captain”, there’s probably something that interests you, so get ready to dazzle the creative team with your joie de vivre, quick retorts, and surprisingly enough, real and tangible skill! The final two audition/interview dates will be:

Monday, November 23 (today!)
8 to 11 pm in Hamilton Hall

Tuesday, November 24
8 to 11 pm in Hamilton Hall

There is no designated room; signs in the lobby will guide any participants to a holding room before the actual audition or interview.

Actors who audition are expected to prepare 32 bars or a minute of a song in the style of musical theater, while interviewees will, kind of obviously, go through an interview. No one is expected to stay the length of the entire audition period, so this won’t interrupt your frantic study schedule for Gen Chem or that Tinder date you set up before you knew how momentous these nights would be. Basically, you have nothing to lose, and the opportunity to be “part of a truly unique, original process” (hmmm) so why not?

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  • @LOCATION CHANGE! Monday night’s auditions will be held on LL1 of the Diana Center!! See you there at 8pm.

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