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The Real Deal About The Lerner Reveal

High maintenance and high-key seductive

High maintenance and high-key seductive

We all know the real reason that Lerner has increased the price of key replacements to a whopping $50, but here’s the official statement from Jose Rosa, Director of Operations of the Transportation Office:

Prior to this increase, the key replacement fee had not changed for more than 10 years, during which time the actual cost to replace a lock and key began to far exceed the fee charged to students. The process to replace keys involves purchasing new keys and locks, and the labor to make and install them. The current key replacement fee of $50, while still below the actual replacement costs, was driven by these associated costs and is now in line with other University lost key fees.

While this all seems very rational and financially sensible, it’s still a fairly shocking jump in price point, so we suggest making copies of your key, sleeping with it around your neck, or throwing it in the trash just to make a statement about your abundance of disposable income/disdain for the administration (Could this be a new addition to the St. A’s initiation ceremony?). And considering the actual factors driving the price hike, you might want to get an off-campus P.O. box and protect your personal information.

And even if it does make sense from a fiscal point of view—it’s still true that the University might be planning to phase out mailboxes. So what’s the point, really, of this, or by extension, anything? And why is Bwog covering this so intensely?

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  • anon says:

    @anon this is a lie they literally took 5 minutes to make a key which is not enough time to change a lock!

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