The Droids in Star Wars are less creepy than this, but they don’t conduct anything

Tonight, you can see the most anticipated movie of the decade. “Can see” – but you won’t. Have a happy first day of finals.

Bwogline: Probably something important is happening in US politics, or world politics, but that’s not important – Star Wars is. Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. You know what people love more than Star Wars? Money. And because of Star Wars, Disney is going to make a lot of money. $100 million already in presale tickets.

Study Tip: Avoid wasting time at the dining hall by living off only Soylent and Blue Java sushi.

Procrastinate: Pretend like you’re learning while wasting countless hours on Youtube by watching Numberphile’s excellent videos on various aspects of mathematics.

Overheard: “I tried so bad to get my dad to write me a prescription.” (Overheard on the sixth floor of Butler).

Conductor Bot via Wikimedia Commons