Fam: a traditional nativity scene

Fam: a traditional nativity scene

Starting tomorrow, Port Authority Bridge tolls will cost drivers anywhere from $11.50-$15 to cross from Jersey into New York. That’s about the price of a Sweetgreen salad. (NBC)

In Russia, new tolls are also being introduced, and long-distance truckers responded in protest by blocking a large portion of road encircling Moscow. (NY Times)

‘The most beautiful bird in North America,’ native to regions further South and highly endangered, has been spotted in Prospect Park several times over the past week. No tolls required for this journey, just some binoculars and a metro card. (New York Post)

A woman left her newborn baby in a Nativity scene at a church in Queens. We can imagine the bells tolling (for joy!)–Christ reincarnate? (New York Post)

Manger via Shutterstock