Champagne Bwoggers

Champagne Bwoggers

As our semester draws to a close, we (as most Columbia students tend to do) are already looking to the new year. As you make your way home for the holidays, remember to take time this vacation to relax and realign (or something…do we sound like a Soul Cycle instructor?). Here’s a list of our hopes and goals for 2016.

Class (or something):

  • Finish the West Wing
  • Apply myself more than I already do in Mowsh Bio
  • Read everything
  • Wake up before 11 every day
  • Study in Butler less
  • Watch the X-Files
  • Fulfill my math requirement
  • Go to discussion sections
  • Improve my Spanish
  • Stop using social media
  • Find my secret study space
  • Do well in AP and Fundamentals
  • Stop fantasizing about my bed, sleeping, or being in bed
  • Learn a new talent (something along the lines of the pigeon man)

Quality of Life:

  • Go to Diana breakfast more often
  • Make use of the $500 gym membership I purchased this summer OR drop the membership and just go to Dodge more often
  • Be actually vegan
  • Charge my phone
  • Call my mom more
  • Pet more dogs
  • Find ways to go to Soul Cycle for free
  • Get a mug from Hungarian for home use
  • Stretch
  • Learn how to use my Aeropress properly
  • Keep doing yoga even now that it’s not mandatory
  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Eat in the dining halls more often
  • Continue to not be a Butler smoker
  • Wash my clothes more
  • Wear my seatbelt when I take taxis

The Party & The After Party:

  • Start wearing less and going out more (continuation of this semester)
  • Get more hickies
  • Get engaged
  • Stop accidentally saying “oh my glob” in front of cute boys
  • Go to a Bossa Nova club
  • Be less of a degenerate
  • Continue to not screw up my relationship (a year + eight months and counting! incredible)
  • Go to a Brooklyn party
  • Be more of a degenerate
  • Stop talking to my ex (or, rather, stop caring about every interaction we have)
  • Get a new boyfriend
  • Think about going to church

Always on our minds…

  • Take no more bullshit from anyone
  • Make my parents proud
  • Say what I mean
  • Related: speak up
  • Make JJP proud
  • Oh and graduate. I hope I do that one.

Should we start a lifestyle brand? via Shutterstock