Bwog stands for LGBTQ+ and Trans rights.

Bwog stands for LGBTQ+ and Trans rights.

In an email sent earlier today, Carman Hall Residence Director Aaron Hukari responded to the ongoing vandalism of a trans awareness bulletin board on floor 13.

The email announces a safe space discussion tomorrow in Carman Lounge from 4-6 pm, LGBTQ@Columbia tabling in Carman Lobby, and pending mandatory weekly floor meetings as well as trans/LGBTQ awareness bulletin boards on every floor. Also attached was a video on “What are pronouns.”

Text of the email:

Hello Carman,

I’m writing to once again bring to your attention the acts of bias that have continued to occur within our community. The bulletin board dedicated to Trans Awareness Month that was vandalized several weeks ago has continued to be vandalized throughout this week. Since Sunday, the bulletin board has been torn down at least four times. These acts continue to target the trans community as well as the community of Carman 13.

In response to the egregious and continuous nature of these behaviors, as well as the emotional toll that it has placed on many residents of the building, there will be several initiatives put in place to provide support for the community.

First, tomorrow, December 5th from 4pm-6pm, there will be a space of support for all students of Carman in the Carman Lounge. Attendees will have an opportunity to speak out about how the events in Carman have affected them.

Second, there will be tabling in Carman Lobby promoting LGBTQ@Columbia and other resources for education on this topic. It is everyone’s responsibility to educate themselves about issues of diversity and inclusion.

Third, starting on Wednesday, December 9th there will be required Floor Meetings for every resident of Carman. Not only will this be an opportunity for you to express how these recent acts have affected you, but also a reaffirmation of the community standards established at the beginning of the year. Any student who does not attend these Floor Meetings will be required to attend a meeting facilitated by a professional staff member of Residential Life. Be on the look out for a meeting time from your specific RA.

Fourth, beginning on December 12th, every Floor in Carman will have bulletin boards that reflect trans or LGBTQ@Columbia issues. We do this in solidarity with the trans community and in response to the continued disrespect and hate on the 13th Floor.

Please reach out to your RAs if you need support or to talk. Residential Life, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, LGBTQ@Columbia, GendeRevolution, or I can always provide additional resources and support as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out for the help that you need. Particularly in this stressful and difficult time of the semester.


Pronouns In Use: He, him, his

Pronouns In Use:  He, him, his”

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