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Overseen: Bare Butts In The But

Our humble library, once a pure and pristine place...

Our humble library, once a pure and pristine place…

Last night, Bwog was tipped about an incident that occurred in one of the Butler study rooms. It seems as if a freshman Snapchat enthusiast happened to look out of their dorm window and document a particularly interesting scene through the windows of the library.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – “But Bwog, everything that happens in Butler is interesting! People fight over seats and set up tents to study! It’s a cesspool of stress that drives crazy people to do even crazier things!”

You’re right in that regard, but seeing your friends lament over their finals workload is a little different from accidentally witnessing a couple having sex in a place you usually associate with professors and tears. In a room directly facing another building. Without curtains or blinds. Right in front of the window. That’s right – not only did this enthusiastic couple desecrate the sanctity of Butler, they did it with an audience of Columbia freshmen. And these freshmen did not disappoint, making skilful use of the Snapchat zoom feature to aid us in our journalism.

Don’t get us wrong – we salute you and your sexual bravery. Keep it exciting, keep it safe, all that. And we understand that you probably just wanted to release tension from all that studying. But couldn’t you have moved away from the window? Were you too riled up to make it back to your dorm? Were you that desperate to experience public-area sex? We’d congratulate you for something sneakier (maybe in the stacks). None of the independent study rooms are safe anymore – each one could be contaminated by our Snapchat heroes’ bare butts, and we’re not sure we dig that vibe. Was your release really worth our peace of mind?

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Its where ivy-league kids are conceived

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Savage!

  • Jerry says:

    @Jerry J: No, I feel like I’m enhancing the sanctity of these hallowed halls! It shows that you’re really engrossed in living here, and taking it in in all of it’s different forms. People eat here and don’t think that’s bad—it’s such a social scene. I think it’s just part of life and experiencing Columbia to the fullest. It allows you to spend more time here, and when you go back to studying, you can be more productive. It’s a holistic experience.

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