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Protest For Or Against Anything Today At Low Plaza

Not 4, not 3, but 3:30 pm!!

Not 4, not 3, but 3:30 pm!!

Update, 11:39 am: Changes have been made in the organization of the protest. It is now being run by the Barnard Columbia Solidarity Network (BCSN), a coalition that includes the groups that were part of the Student Power Coalition, but adds to the mix Mobilized African Diaspora and Barnard Columbia Socialists. They will release their full list of demands, now more focused on racial justice, around the time of the rally.

The Student Power Coalition, consisting of Columbia Divest for Climate Justice, No Red Tape, Student-Worker Solidarity, and Divest Barnard, is holding a protest today at 3:30 pm* at Low Plaza. The protest, appropriately titled “Columbia Students Rise Up: Demand Justice on Climate, Race, Labor, & Sexual Violence” (a hearty mouthful!) might be organized by a bit of a motley crew, but we’re sure you can relate to one of the myriad causes represented, right…? If not, you probably won’t look too out of place as long as you carry around a sign and shout enthusiastically and passionately (with verve!) about anything that really gets your goat, so feel free to join the crowd.

The organizers’ demands include divestment from the top 200 publicly-traded fossil fuel companies, the creation of a 24/7 rape crisis center, the increase of all campus job wages to $15 per hour, and “meaningful steps to address racial injustice on campus.” If these demands resonate with you, the organizers stress that everyone is welcome and no previous experience is necessary.

*The time was previously 4 pm, and our completely unsubstantiated theory is that the time of sunset affected the shift, because, as we all know, you have to make hay while the sun shines.

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  • just a few corrections says:

    @just a few corrections Just a few corrections-

    This protest is being organized by the Barnard Columbia Solidarity Network. If you want accurate info about who has organized the rally and their demands, it would probably be better to go to the facebook event page!

    And thanks for the subtly condescending headline, Bwog! It actually makes a lot of sense that these student groups (and hopefully many more in the spring) have come together, as they share a common goal in challenging the concentrated power of the administration and pressuring specific admins to relocate resources and money in a way that benefits students, not the profit and reputation of the University. Please come this afternoon to hear the demands and get involved if you wish :)

    1. Thomas says:

      @Thomas “And thanks for the subtly condescending headline”
      You should file a Title IX complaint against BWOG. By being subtly condescending they are denying your person hood, blah blah blah blah. Whine some more.

      1. what even says:

        @what even ^^?? cmon dude

    2. not subtle says:

      @not subtle their headline was anything but subtle

  • Thomas says:

    @Thomas Look everyone a bunch of mentally ill people are going to clamor for attention today! Lets all give it to them as they whine about being disadvantaged while attending one of the best schools in the world while living in the richest country on earth!

    1. proudly disabled student at the protest today says:

      @proudly disabled student at the protest today who the fuck r u ?
      could others at least back disabled students on campus by being against this hateful bullshit?

  • Bwog, Please Raise the Standard of Analysis or Cease to Pretend to be Journalism says:

    @Bwog, Please Raise the Standard of Analysis or Cease to Pretend to be Journalism Please cease this middle-school level political analysis. If you have a hard time comprehending the relationship between economic and racial justice, or the impact of climate change on low income communities of color (Katrina, Sandy, the rates of asthma in the Bronx) I recommend you either read a news source that isn’t owned by Rupert Murdoch and/or take a walk in Harlem.

    And by the way, Free Palestine.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous I had to read this three times because I wasn’t sure if this is a clever bit of satire. Unfortunately it is not. Sad.

    2. who bwog is speaking for says:

      @who bwog is speaking for im an econ major (the standard activists bad guy) and i have even heard nothing but support from most of my classmates./

      The politically conservative ones not so much ofc, but most of these demands seem like standard requests?

      kind of confused by bwogs tone here and why it seems so antagonistic towards the rally.

  • peak Discourse says:

    @peak Discourse this cube will be a 10/10 for discourse

  • This should be called says:

    @This should be called Columbia Students Rise Up: Demand Justice on Climate, Race, Labor, Sexual Violence, Stock Fraud, Murder, Trans-Awareness, Nutritional Labeling, Terrorism, Fat Shaming, Skin Conditions, The Death of Print Media, Double Dipping, Armed Robbery, Email Spam, Responsible Gun Control, Jaywalking, The Concept of Neurotypicality, Street Harassment, Charity Shaming & The Yellow Peril

  • im impressed says:

    @im impressed honestly, i think its pretty cool that divestment expanded to support the racial justice campaigns on campus more explicitly, and by allocating the resources to organize.
    most divestment campaign in the country only talk about racial justice, this seems like more concrete support, im impressed.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous These people are embarrassing. I hope the administration gives these losers a bunch of demands. Making demands on people is the worst form of human behavior.

    1. not really says:

      @not really like at all

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