Is it true that in the long run, this physical/mental/spiritual test of endurance we call “school” will make us more successful than our non-Ivy educated peers? We sure as hell don’t know, but in keeping with the masochistic tendencies Columbia instills in its students, we forced two Bwoggers to stay on campus over break and eat Thanksgiving dinner at Tom’s.

Did you know Tom’s serves a $22 five-course Thanksgiving dinner? Twenty other patrons joined us in our exclusive holiday dining experience Thursday evening. Each meal appeared to be served in a timely manner, coming out approximately three minutes after each order was placed. The meal itself consisted of a house soup and salad, canned veggies, a yam sweet potato orange starch of some sort, white and dark meat turkey, “stuffing,” cranberry sauce, and a slice of pumpkin pie, which never actually made it to our table. This is definitely what the pilgrims intended, right? Check out the main course of Tom’s dope Thanksgiving dinner below!

$22? What a deal!

$22? What a steal!