Throwback to when pluto was a planet back in our "Schoolhouse Rock" days...

Throwback to when Pluto was a planet back in our “Schoolhouse Rock” days…

In case you haven’t heard, a gigantic storm is coming for us here in NYC. The storm’s name is Jonas–hopefully, this stormy weekend will be more of a Joe than a Kevin for you! (The Weather Channel)

Netflix recently released dates, teasers, and trailers for the premieres of 11 new and returning shows just in time for Netflix and Chill to morph into Netflix and Snuggle Because It’s Too Damn Cold To Do Much of Anything Else… (Newsweek)

If you didn’t see the new Star Wars over winter break, this won’t mean much to you, but if you did, someone adopted a cat that looks a lot like Adam Driver (aka Kylo Ren). Try not to think too hard about this cat playing driver’s character on Girls, though… Lena Dunham’s not there yet. (Elite Daily)

Remember Pluto? Scientists seem to have forgotten about the former planet, instead getting all excited about a possible new addition to our solar system, “Planet Nine.” Science moves fast but we’ll love you forever, P! (CNN)

Dwarf But Not Forgotten via Wikimedia Commons