"Gave my bulldog a scooby snack every day. Here is my mom helping him flex on instagram"

“Gave my bulldog a scooby snack every day. Here is my mom helping him flex on instagram”

If you’re like us, you just escaped from the treacheries and pitfalls of living with your family over the break. We’re ready, full steam ahead, for the new semester and the new year…at least until our first problem set. As always, you can contribute your own field notes to tips@bwog.com. 


  • got a root canal one day before attending a three day rave in san diego. my friends dropped molly while i dropped amoxicillin :-)
  • spent most of break smoking or sleeping
  • learned not to fuck around with 4 loko
  • Related: proceeded to fuck around with 4 loko and get blackout drunk
  • drank myself to sleep every night with hard root beer
  • smuggled back a q
  • Related: by smuggle i mean I just put it in my toiletries
  • passed out in my bathroom for an hour yesterday at 5 pm
  • went to macy’s to buy winter accessories while on edible
  • babysat some friends while they tried shrooms
  • Accidentally watched soft porn on the plane ride back.
  • Finally got a fake.
  • was late to every single interaction with every single friend I hung out with for the entire duration of break (including those taking place at my own house)

Hope for the future

  • Was designated driver for a high school New Years party, became the new Favorite Child when I brought everyone home safely
  • ran into an ex and we had a deep conversation about soul gazing
  • created an enriching committee for 24 high school students during columbia’s mun conference
  • celebrated my birthday by going to bed early—am I an adult yet?
  • went to a lot of planetariums
  • reconnected with an internet friend from over five years ago (turns out we’re both in volleyball anime hell now)
  • procrastinated on applying for an internship for all of break only for the application to take me about an hour when I finally did it
  • got hired for a job this summer

Time wasters

  • thoroughly enjoyed snoop dogg’s appearances on day time cooking shows
  • Got pneumonia, used it as my excuse to watch Netflix instead of finding a summer internship
  • played over 60 hours of Fallout 4
  • mained lucas all break in smash4 (1v1 Bwog anytime)
  • literally wore shorts every day of break because it was 70 F at lowest
  • Slept
  • Played Undertale
  • ​went to the american girl store on 5th avenue with my sister and my cousin for no real reason other than to feel nostalgic about our privileged childhoods; ended up ironically buying a t-shirt for myself
  • co-wrote about 20,000 words worth of fanfiction in under two weeks with a friend
  • read a lot of junot díaz
  • watched a lot of bernie ads on tv
  • hung out with my best friend aka my mom