But how can TLOP tour top this performance?

But how can TLOP tour top this performance?

It was due time to bring back Bwog Asked for this semester, and what better way to begin than with a topical topic. Kanye has just dropped The Life of Pablo, currently exclusively available on Tidal. So, what do students think of the new album? Do they love it? Hate it? How many students even know about it? We ventured into Butler (and beyond) in order to find out.

In front of Butler:

  • “Fuck Tidal.”
  • “What? Oh, The Life of Pablo? I haven’t seen it yet.”
  • “It’s illuminati bullshit, I’m waiting for the stream to drop somewhere else”
  • “There are multiple explanations of it?”
  • *NYU student outside of Butler* “Kantye”


  • “Typical Kanye……I wasn’t surprised but I was impressed.”
  • “It’s about the apostle Paul.”


  • “I like it.”
  • “What do I think about the life of Pablo? I’m cool.”
  • “I hope he’s doing well”
  • “I feel like I can’t really comment.”

Second floor:

  • “Waaaaaaves. Waaaaaaves.”
  • “Did it come out? I haven’t listened to it.”
  • “We have to dispel the myth that Kanye West doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Third floor:

  • “I think……….. he’s a genius”
  • “I don’t follow rap.”
  • “Life of who? Paco?”
  • “Can you send me the download link”
  • “Oh ya, I don’t like Kanye”


  • “I didn’t know who Pablo was”
  • “I hate Kanye”
  • “I would like it if he didn’t sing.”
  • “Is he the one who named his kid North West?”

Conversations we didn’t even prompt but just walked in on:

  • (In the elevator) “Kanye now calls himself Pablo. You should follow Kylie Jenner on snapchat she’s staging a whole melodrama with her and Kim and Kanye.”
  • (At a table in 211) “I heard its good. I’m not that big of a fan.”
  • (Lobby) “For real though there are some bangers.”

Yeezus via Heather Byrd/CC-BY-2.0