This could be you but you studying.

This could be you but you studying.

In honor of the Academy Awards happening tonight, but more importantly in honor of the Red Carpet happening before (be honest, what do you care about more?), Bwog has decided to do its second round of Oscar-related Bwog Asked. We headed to Butler to see what our fellow classmates had to say.


  • “Forever 21 tbh.”
  • “I think I stole this top actually.”
  • “My mom got these [jeans] for me at a thrift store so idk.”

The Lobby

  • “Columbia, Express, Aldo, the socks are… champion.”
  • “Nike hoodie, nike sweats, and nike shoes.”
  • “Ugh…just like…items I threw together.”


  • “Oh, this old thing? Abercrombie kids. Boy’s fall season premier sweater. But from 2004.”
  • “A power outfit for studying for my midterm tomorrow. I might end up wearing it to my midterm, too…” [wearing Abercrombie and ripped sweatpants]

Second floor

  • “I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re asking”
  • “This is topman…it’s ironic.”
  • “Columbia…shorts”
  • “H&M head to toe but coat from a Russian Flea Market”
  • “Haha are you kidding? American Eagle.”

Floors 3 & 4

  • “Uh… Uhm… I think it’s… I have no idea.”
  • “I’m wearing him [my boyfriend], this is his shirt.”
  • “Pierre Cardin.”

Sixth floor

  • “Leonardo DiCaprio not getting another oscar”
  • “Top shop urban and a bit of thrift”

Ref room

  • “I’m wearing desperation.”
  • “Alpha Omicron Pi.”
  • I’m wearing God.”
  • J. Crew Men’s. Oh, and Uggs.”
  • “Nobody famous.”


Why is it red via Alan Light/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-2.0