This is your mind on space.

Tesseracts are real, man…

The Hubble Telescope recently captured a photo of a black hole! Cool, right? Also, the black hole happens to be about 21 billion times bigger than the Sun. Just in case you were thinking about having an existential crisis tonight. (Yahoo)

South Dakota reminded everyone of its existence in the worst way possible–by introducing discriminatory legislature that would force genderqueer students to use the restroom corresponding to the gender they were designated at birth. (HRC)

Your parmesan cheese might just be wood pulp. Bummer, right? (Independent)

We’re all still in love with Vanessa Hudgens because she was Fire in High School Musical a decade ago, but she and her boyfriend just got in trouble for carving their names into a protected Arizona State Park’s rock. Your fave is problematic. (CNN)

Illustration by Lily Keane, BC ’13