The real Queen

The real Queen

Pope Francis called Donald Trump a heathensuggested Trump was un-Christian, due to the presidential candidate’s stance on Mexico, but we’re pretty sure most of Donald’s other opinions are also effed up. (NY Times)

Apple is fighting the FBI, and might win. The feds possess a dead terrorist’s encrypted phone that they can’t unlock, and they want Apple to do the deed. Apple says creating a backdoor to their encryption jeopardizes the security of iPhones everywhere. Who’s right? (NY Times)

You’re gonna want to read this story from yesterday’s Times magazine: it describes the painful experience of a courageous New York police officer who wanted to change the system from the inside, but wound up suing the NYPD. (NY Times)

Lady Gaga walked the Marc Jacobs runway today, the final day of New York Fashion Week. (Huffington Post)

Gaga in Red, via Wikimedia Commons