Looming and vaguely threatening

Looming and vaguely threatening

The outlook’s not good…

The Zika virus just will not quit; scientists at the CDC are currently investigating 14 reports of virus transmission through sex. Previously, scientists had considered this form of transmission exceedingly rare. (The New York Times)

A plucky smoker (and former bus driver!!) reacted to the admonishment of her bus driver by—stealing the damn bus. According to the woman, she stole the bus because she was being followed, but we think you’ll agree that’s unlikely. Still, have we found the one person wild enough to deter The Slashers? (Gothamist)

American Girl has released another overpriced doll ($115) with overpriced accessories, but this time it’s an African American girl from 1960s Detroit who witnesses and participates in the civil rights movement. Some are grumbling at the doll’s reductive story line, but we’re still stuck on the price tag.(People)

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of a single outfit, offers us a glimpse into a creepy and fast-approaching future. (Vox)

Mattbuck/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA 2.0