Our pal Bill

Our pal Bill

Did ya catch Obama’s State of the Union the other week? NYC’s very own mayor, Bill de Blasio gave a similar address last night, titled “State of the City.” Watch here! (NYC.gov)

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie and Hill debated each other last night on NBC! Both refused to answer the question as to what issues they would prioritize if they became prez. (NY Times)

Conspiracy theorists have introduced the idea that an ancient Greek sculpture depicts a laptop computer. Time travel is real! (Daily Mail)

North Korea sent balloons filled with cigarette butts to South Korea. Wheeeeee. (Esquire)

To end with some hope, “rich nations,” including ours, announced Thursday that they would pledge more than $10 billion to help refugees. (NY Times)

Bill de Blasio via By The office of Public Advocate for the City of New York/Wikimedia Commons