How Cannon's appears to most upperclassmen

How we imagine Cannon’s appears to most upperclassmen

“This is actually something that was brought to our attention by students this past weekend,” Benjamin Makansi (CCSC President) said, when asked if the last item of business the Columbia College Student Council tackled on their Sunday night meeting (making “Cannon’s accessible beyond freshmen and Manhattan College people”) was a joke.

The resolution was, apparently, far from a joke: after a few comments from Saaket Pradhan (Class of 2016 President), it passed. Congratulations, people besides freshmen and Manhattan College students. You can now access Cannon’s. Enjoy your poorly-regulated alcohol.

CCSC Resolution to Make Cannon’s Accessible Beyond Freshmen and Manhattan College People:

WHEREAS freshmen should be interested in meeting and getting to know upperclassmen as wholesome role models and friends,

WHEREAS Cannon’s is pretty loose with IDs and sophomores, juniors and seniors have the right to also drink underage at a bar,

RECOGNIZING THAT frat parties are infrequent and many of them get shut down and Cannon’s is the closest thing to a frat party that consistently does not get shut down,

WHEREAS we have received reports of upperclassmen with real IDs getting rejected from Cannon’s,

WHEREAS upperclassmen who have even been admitted have reported feeling ostracized and unwelcome at Cannon’s,

WHEREAS Cannon’s uniquely facilitates certain community-building activities,

WHEREAS no student should be excluded from community-building activities solely on the basis of age or graduating class,

LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT entry to and enjoyment of Cannon’s be accessible to students beyond Columbia freshmen and Manhattan College people.


Ben Makansi, Viv Ramakrishnan, Sameer Mishra

A den of degeneracy and fake ID’s via Rama – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0 fr