New 'Barnard Way' sign unveiled

Our fave street sign

This Tuesday is the last day to declare your English major, or whatever else you might be majoring in, Barnard sophomores! But don’t worry too much, ’cause that’s more of a soft deadline. Dean Kuan Tsu explains this in an email sent yesterday:

Since there is no late fee attached to this deadline, it is fine if you need an extra week or two in order to obtain the required two signatures before submitting the form. The major declaration form is downloadable from this link:

Since each academic department handles the major declaration somewhat differently, please FIRST check the department’s website for any instructions about major declaration. Some departments want you to select your own major adviser; others will assign you a major adviser from the list of available faculty members in the department. You may be required to meet with the Chair or a faculty representative to have the paperwork completed. Once you have the major declaration form completed, you will then submit it to the Registrar’s Office in 107 Milbank.

Also, check out the list of Academic Department Meetings for Majors and Prospective Majors, which I posted on the Sophomore Blog.

Dean Kuan Tsu

Barnard looks via anonymous October 2014 tipster