Defeated by Snowstorm Jonas.

After an EC party

You can’t possibly be more down than this guy, face-down and sprawled in the dirt of the “CU Garden” (presumably—the sign’s been missing for a few days). Since we saw him standing upright a few weeks ago, we can only assume this lovable and inadequately-dressed scarecrow was defeated by none other than Snowstorm Jonas, the last gasp of a mild and unremarkable winter.

Does he still dream of spring, or is he utterly conquered, unable to regain faith in his own competence? You might be rushing to a quiz in Pupin sans calculator or grimacing at the problem set you just handed in as you walk back from Mudd, but at least you know who you are—he doesn’t have the same luxury. What is he if not a scarecrow, not a garden guardian? What does it mean to be an eater of dust, wallowing in his own filth and misery?

Spring might be coming early, at least according to shadowless Punxsutawney Phil, but our friend needs a while to adjust. He has a lot of things to think through.

“Scary” Fate via Bwog Staff