Some institutional memory for 'ya

Some institutional memory for ‘ya

It looks like Columbia’s Kappa Alpha Theta chapter is at it again. At this year’s bid night, Columbia’s ever-so-problematic group of srat girls said “hasta la vista” to the racist mixer outfits, and instead took their offense to Hollywood!

Earlier this morning, Bwog received an anonymous tip alleging Theta had shown a video to their new members during this Monday’s bid night containing disparaging comments towards Columbia’s Delta Gamma sorority. The video allegedly contains clips of two executive officers of Columbia’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity exclaiming “Fuck DG!”, at which point another alleged member of Delta Sig responds off camera, “don’t worry, I already fucked half of them.”

New and existing members of Theta were told to deny the existence of the video. Despite this suggestion, multiple members of Theta (who wish to remain anonymous) have confirmed the existence of the video to Bwog.

According to our tipster, the video has been taken to the Greek Judicial Board, and members of Theta’s executive board have expressed concerns about getting their charter revoked if their national officers find out about this incident.

We have reached out to IGC, IFC, Panhell, and Columbia Greek Life, and have received no comment on the handling of the matter. Additionally, Theta and Delta Sig have yet to respond to our request for comment.