(Still) thinking about these new developments...

(Still) thinking about these new developments…

Last Tuesday night, the Columbia College Student Council held a closed meeting to appoint a new representative, and the opening was not announced via a class-wide e-mail. Bwog looked into this incident and the reasons behind it earlier this week. If you’d like to know more about the appointment process, the details are discussed here. This Friday, a class-wide email was sent out by CCSC 2017 President, Ravi Sinha, explaining the situation, apologizing for any confusion it may have caused, and announcing the council’s decision to reopen the application for class representative.

Here’s the email in its entirety:

Hello Class of 2017!

I hope you are you are enjoying the week. A couple of things from our end: we understand there was confusion around the process to appoint a representative to junior council. It was never our intention to have the process be unclear, and I am sorry for any confusion. Accordingly, we have decided that we will rehold the appointment process. I would like to thank Janet for graciously agreeing to go through the process again. Please apply here (http://goo.gl/forms/UYJg4Dtv6C) if you are interested in joining junior council as a class representative, and I am including all the details about the process in the application.

Secondly, we have finalized the date of Junior Boat Formal! Boat Formal will be on the evening of April 8th. There will be food, fancy clothing, boats, and it should be a great evening with your friends. Winter Carnival will be on Feb. 17th in Roone from 7:00-10:00pm. We have confirmed bouncy houses, cotton candy, fortune tellers, and special custom 2017 giveaways for CC ’17 students. We will be hosting a design poll for the apparel in the upcoming weeks, we have sweatpants and long sleeved shirts planned for now.

A few policy notes: we got very positive feedback from last semester’s expanded Hamilton access, and I want to thank you all for treating the space with respect. As such, we are talking about the potential to continue having Hamilton extended hours during Finals this semester as well. We are also discussing the possibility of expanding Hamilton hours during the semester for student use. Recognizing that several student events (especially as we go into Senior year) are quite expensive and can be a serious financial strain for students to attend, we are working on a proposal to create a Student Event Subsidization Fund for these events. Hopefully, this fund will help all students be able to enjoy ticketed events. We are working the Columbia Libraries to create a mechanism directly in their website where students can see what study spaces are open, how crowded it is, and how long they will be open until. ADI’s Density (http://density.adicu.com/) does a great job showing what spaces are open in the libraries.

I look forward to all the good things we have coming this semester,

Ravi Sinha
CCSC 2017 President


The deadline to apply to be a class of 2017 representative is due by 11:59pm on Saturday, February 13th. If selected, your interview will be sometime between 1:00pm-3:00pm on Sunday February, 14th. The appointment committee will composed of the CCSC President, a Senior Senator, the 2017 Vice President and the highest ranking 2017 Class Rep.

The Thinker via Billy Hathorn/CC-BY-SA-3.0